Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Where's the Beef?

Where’s the Beef?

Apparently not in burgers in the U.K.! According to CNN, all beef in the UK is being tested after beef lasagna sold by the U.K. firm Findus, was found to contain horsemeat. This happening only weeks after horse and pig DNA was found in “all beef” burgers. Food inspectors found 60-100% horsemeat in samples of the Findus lasagna. They have also pulled Bolognese, shepherd’s pie and moussaka for the same reason.

 Horsemeat  (pictured on the left) can be consumed without health risks, but the unauthorized use of it raises concerns on whether it may contain phenylbutazone,  a drug commonly used to treat horses and that poses a risk to human health. Not to mention eating horsemeat is taboo in the U.K. ( and in the U.S.). People do consume horsemeat in other countries (i.e. France ,China, Russia, Kazakhstan and Italy).

“The discovery of pig DNA in beef products is of particular concern to Jews and Muslims, whose dietary laws proscribe the consumption of pig products. Jewish dietary laws also ban the eating of horsemeat”(Smith-Spark, 2013).

Food safety confidence can have a major impact on retail businesses, as well as raise health concerns.

To read the full story from CNN; go here.

Side note: Sorry for two beef stories in a row, but the food industry and agriculture are big business and there is much to report on. Students remember you can look for more topics relating to beef safety by using our online databases here:

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Image credit: basashi. Sliced horse meat.

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