Friday, June 20, 2014

Research Field Notes: No. 5

6/18/2014 Dolphin Boat Survey

Conditions: Seas 1-3 feet. Winds E 5- 10 knots

Duration: 8:30am-12:30pm

Today’s survey extended from the Jupiter Inlet (N 260 56.624' W 800 03.805') almost down to the Lake Worth inlet and back. The seas and rain started to pick up around 11:00 am.

Research Organization: Taras Oceanographic Foundation

Recorded dolphin photo ID: One very long encounter right at the mouth of the Jupiter inlet. We observed 3-5 tursiops (Bottlenose dolphin). They were active feeding and it was challenging to keep on the fins. We moved around quite a bit.

Other: Bonus sighting of a manta ray leaping out of the water and sailing through the air. This is the first sighting of a manta ray for some of the team members today and it was quite a treat! We also spotted a few very large turtles, both loggerhead and green.

Extra: today’s trip included 5 team members. This makes the sighting more accurate and easier because we have a person looking in every direction.

Please note that all images are copyright of Taras Oceanographic Foundation and may not be reproduced without permission (NMFS (GA LOC) No. 13386.

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