Friday, August 22, 2014

Recent outreach event

The library often participates in outreach events, gives talks and attends various other community efforts. One of our librarian's, Leah Plocharczyk recently travelled to a library Innovation Conference at  Florida State University's Panama City Campus. The conference was held on Aug 14-15, 2014.  Many topics were covered such as professional development, charting a new course for libraries, and bringing special collections to wikipedia.

Leah's participation included a poster presentation describing the library's collaborative projects with the Taras Oceanographic Foundation. [This blog has been highlighting field research with the Palm Beach Dolphin Project, a signature program of Taras]. Below is the poster that was presented at the conference.

NOTE* Since presenting this poster, the stranding portion of the collaboration has changed, but the dolphin research continues and is expanding by  initiating a monthly club for citizen awareness and science literacy.

Outreach outcomes for the conference presentation include interest by a librarian (from Florida State Univ.) in trying to initiate a similar program at their university; a connection to one of our Harriet Wilkes Honors College students, who is interested in a possible internship with Taras; and a librarian at another Florida university asking for collaborative help with science research. The conference was very successful and fulfilled our goals of outreach, information and science literacy.

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